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We are located in the middle of nowhere.  There is nothing but trees, fields, rocks and streams.  Occasionally you may encounter a stray porcupine or wild boar.

Nearby you can find the beautiful WWF oasis Bosco Rocconi, famous for the numerous falcons that nest in its rocky cliffs.

 You can hike through the Parco Faunistico to reach the top of Monte Labbro, where the legendary prophet Davide Lazzeretti built his community.

You can drive up to the top of Monte Amiata, the 2nd highest volcano in Italy, and enjoy various hikes from there.

Not far off in one direction is Roccalbegna, a medieval village located on a giant rock.  In the other direction is Rochette di Fazio, another medieval town located on the edge of an enormous cliff..

 Travelling a bit farther, you reach Sovana, Sorano, and Pitigliano, small towns carved out of tufo.  In this area, you can also explore the Etruscan ruins hidden in the surrounding forests.

The hot sulphur springs of Saturnia are located about half an hour from the farm.

The beaches of the Mediterranean are about an hour.


Bosco Rocconi
Monte Labbro
Bosco Rocconi
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