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Our beehives are located in the hills of Roccalbegna, in an area of organic pastures and mediterranean forest, far from sources of contamination.  Our goal is to maintain happy and flourishing beehives in a as natural a manner as possible, utilizing organic techniques. As a result, the honey produced by our bees is of the absolute highest quality. Generally, we harvest a multifloral honey that originates from flowers, such as clover and honeysuckle, that blossom in the months of May, June and July.

"Messidoro" is the name of the tenth month of the French Republic calendar, beginning the  middle of June and ending the middle of July.  "Messi" means "harvest" and it is indeed in this period that we begin to harvest the honey.

Once harvested our honey is extracted in a centrifuge, cold-filtered and jarred. It is never heated or altered in any way.  It is simply honey - pure and delicious, just as the bees made it.

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