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For twenty years, we have been working on the recovery of antique native breeds of domestic animals, including a breed of pig called Macchiaiola Maremmana Primitiva, present on Amiata and throughout Tuscany since the Middle Ages   These pigs used to graze in large herds in the woods and fields in our province, often accompanied by a farmer who watched them during the day and brought them back to the shelters in the evening.  In the beginning of the 20th century, these pigs were crossbred extensively with other races of pig to create a more productive and docile animal, resulting in the quasi-extinction of this particular breed.  Years later, driven by a sense of nostalgia and attachment to his roots, and believing that the past can help us move forward, Antonio began the recovery of this ancient race.  On this journey, he met with the University of Florence, the province of Grosseto,  the international project Vagal, and became a founding member of the Genome Amiata Project.   Fortunately, as a result of their efforts, these spectacular pigs are back, as is the possibility to taste the flavors of an ancient time.  The dream of recovering this breed and its excellent products has become a reality.

Macchiaiola Maremmana Primitiva is characterized by a completely black coat, is small in stature, and grows quite slowly. Being extremely rustic in character, they are suitable for wild or semi-wild breeding.  At first glance, you may notice their ancestry, not only in appearance and character, but also in their smell that recalls note of thyme and calamint. The meat of these pigs, extremely tender and succulent compared to that of modern breeds, contains a high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega6 and low concentration of saturated fats, making it a healthy meat suitable for everyone. Our pigs are fed with organic products and acorns, which gives the meat, already of exceptional quality, a further increase in quality. University studies have established that frying with the lard of these pigs is equivalent to using a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.

  The University of Florence has imposed both a strict breeding discipline and an equally rigid discipline of slaughtering and processing of meat. As a result, our cured meats do not contain preservatives or peppers, but only salt and the spontaneous plants of the Mediterranean woods and garden (sage, rosemary, thyme, laurel, fennel, garlic) picked and dried personally. This method of curing, known since the Middle Ages, has come down to us through tradition and careful research of the territory.  Modern science is currently studying the possibility of using similar ingredients  (such as laurel and rosemary extracts), as a way of replacing chemical preservatives required in industrial products. 


These traditional methods of curing, combined with the superior quality of meat that only this particular pig can provide, enable us to create products that are unique, inimitable, and of exceptional quality.

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Derived from the maturation of the thigh for a compulsory twenty-four months, prosciutto is an exercise in love and patience.  After a careful salting the thigh is washed with red wine and covered with dried herbs. After one year the exposed surface is cleaned and covered with lard mixed with laurel and rosemary for a further refinement creating an exceptional, unique product.


After aging for three to six months, capocollo is one of the most flavorful cured ​​meats, enhanced by the characteristic aroma of fennel


Traditionally, in the surrounding countryside, farmers used the same mixture of ingredients for salami and fresh sausage, changing only the size of the casings used.  First the meat is ground, carefully salted and flavored with aromas. Then it is placed in a wet natural casing, washed in red wine and hung to dry. The maturation lasts one month for sausage in small casings, about four for medium casings and  up to more than ten for large ones.  The big casings consumed in the fall are called "aunts" and particularly sought after snacks in the company of friends. When they are opened, a wonderful aroma spreads throughout the kitchen, a consolation for the stomach and also for the spirit.


Basically a boneless steak, lonza is a cut macerated in local white wine and aromas of the Mediterranean wood and vegetable garden. With a delicate taste suitable for appetizers and snacks, one slice leads to another.

 Fresh Meat

We have high quality organic meat, pork and lamb available for sale. All of our fresh meat products come from the primitive breeds of animals raised on our farm. Being a small farm, availability varies throughout the year.

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